Approximately 6,000 African children die each day from unsafe drinking water. In an effort to eradicate waterborne illnesses, Jim O’Connor created “Dorothy’s Well” project, in honour of his late wife, to help the children of Tanzania.

Our Story

Dorothy’s Wells has been providing clean drinking water to the poorest villages in Tanzania since 2009.

When the only water for miles is a muddy stream infested with bacteria, the children must continue to walk sometimes half a day to carry it back to their village. Dorothy’s Well project is making an effort to change this.

The inspirational story of how Jim turned his own personal tragedy into a way to help the people of Tanzania can be read here.

Every penny raised by Dorothy’s Well Project goes direct to providing wells.  100% of all donations goes direct to the project. We do not take expenses of any kind.

All travel, accommodation and administration is funded by the committee.

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An original hand drawn logo.

“Following a presentation by Dorothy’s Well Project to the pupils and staff of Willington Church of England Primary School a class of 10 year old pupils were invited to design a logo for our project. All entries portrayed a wishing well. This is what the children thought the well we were going to provide for children of Tanzania would look like. The original hand drawn logo was designed by Daniel Ellcoat. Daniel, who is now 17 is currently a pupil at Queen Elizabeth 6th Form College, Darlington.”


I was still mourning the death of my beloved wife, Dorothy, who died from breast cancer at the age of 56, when, in January 2008 I made my first visit to the Machame region of Tanzania in east Africa. I had been invited by a friend, from Willington C of E Primary School in County Durham, who was making his annual visit to their link school, Nkoraya Primary. I took photographs and soaked up the atmosphere, chatting to people and observing the environment.

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Wells No.14 – 16
Our aim for 2017 is to provide fresh clean water to at least 3 schools from 10 which were visited in May 2017

Every £10 donated directly saves the life of a child in Africa

100% of every donation goes direct to the charity

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Target Money Raised

  • Solar pump
  • 10,000 litre tank
  • Solar panels
  • Standpipes and taps
  • 1050 children
  • Community of 5,000

The cost of this will be in the region of £75,000 and 100% of all monies raised will be used for this purpose.


There are other ways of participating in this life-saving effort and you can call to discuss this with me on 07711 983252 or you can simply direct people to our website.



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