This was read out to Jim before a recent presentation of the charity:

A poem for Dorothy’s Well Project Tanzania

Water for Life


Water to drink, water to live, water to bathe, water to save. Water for gardens, flowers and trees, we ought to give thanks and get on our knees.

We turn on our taps and lo and behold, red for the hot and blue for the cold. Clear, running water at our fingertips, taken for granted as it reaches our lips.

Let’s think of those who are dying of thirst, and walk in the desert where their lungs nearly burst, carrying their jars in the heat of the day for a drop in the ocean, they give thanks, and they pray.

Today we’re here to listen and learn, of the love and dedication some give in return.  Wonderful work Jim’s here to tell, in the name of the Lord and Dorothy’s Well.


                                                             Mildred Flett