The Rotary Club were involved with the school and  were themselves looking to partially  fund the sinking of a well at the school and if possible to link it to Marangu Secondary School which was a short distance away.  It was decided that it would be beneficial to  work together to make this a joint venture.

On our return to the UK  we instructed Majitech  drilling company to instigate a survey to find out whether there was a possibility of water on the site.  Initial indications were positive so the drilling process was put in place.  Unfortunately on drilling water was not found.  We returned to the school in October 2016 for a meeting with Majitech, school members and Marangu Rotary to discuss the situation and unfortunately  there was no option but to cut our losses and  take no further action at the site.   Having found  good water sources  at  all of the previous schools this was a great disappointment to all concerned