Korongo School is a two and a  half hour drive from Moshi Town..  The latter  part of the journey was over very rough terrain with deep ruts and our driver had to make many detours to get us to our destination. The area had not seen any significant rainfall since 2012. Korongo  school is  in a very remote area and we were therefore unable to link with any other facility. The school has 300 pupils  on the register and 7 male teachers. No female teachers are  allowed to teach in a school without water. Although there were four classrooms only two were usable as the others were still under construction. This meant that not all of the children could attend school at the same time. The school is very basic and does not have a  kitchen so  the children had to walk home if they wanted food at lunch time.  The picture we have posted here shows  one of the  young children  from this  school and epitomises the poverty in the area.