Jipe Secondary school is a large senior boarding school with 18 teachers and 453 pupils.  The teachers also have to board due to the situation of the school.  Male and Female teachers are accommodated in separate houses.   Jim had been made aware prior to travelling to Tanzania that Majitech drilling company had found water at the site but not suitable for drinking. It was agreed by our committee   that Majitech could drill again 100 metres from the first drilling site but this did not yield any water.  The school is set at the base of a mountain so a third and final attempt to drill 50 metres further up the mountain.  The facilitate this the pupils helped Majitech staff to slash and burn their way through thick scrub to allow the drilling rig to get into a good position,  When we arrived at the school there had still been no sign of water, after signing the visitors book we were driven to the site and informed that they had hit water. A great sense of relief and joy from all concerned.  The water was tested and appeared to be satisfactory on an initial analysis. The next step was to send a sample to the Government Laboratory to be fulled tested. Once this was certified as safe the rest of the drilling process was finalised. The well was lined, a 500 metre trench was dug down the mountain to the tank which is mounted on a plinth and solar panels erected overhead, Trenches were then dug to the water tap stands.